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Ever feel like you’re building an airplane while trying to fly it? Designing, Prototyping and Production Manufacturing are some of the many challenges product teams face today. We offer a centralized approach, taking your ideas from conception into production and onto your customer’s shelves.

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Interested in outsourcing manufacturing of your product? Contact us to find out how we can help.


We provide turnkey parts designed and machined in-house or by our trusted vendors.


Assemblies can be built on-site or through one of our domestic or far-east partners. We have the right solution to match your needs.


Our team is cross trained in multiple competencies allowing us to offer completed assemblies or products in-house.

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We offer diverse services in our facility allowing us to supply a broad range of solutions under one roof.
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We bring cost-saving measures to the table while keeping quality-control in your backyard.

Access to our broad
supplier network

Eliminate the burden of manufacturing and focus on your core competencies

Reduce production and overhead expenses

In house quality control you can rely on

Single point of contact available during U.S. business hours.


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Kay Thompson, Dallas, USA

I always get top-notch service from Centralized Production. Time and again, they’ve gone the extra mile, proving to be a valuable manufacturing partner.

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